How to Set-up Minecraft for Cross-platform Multiplayer

After poking around a bit, I was able to get my kids set-up with Minecraft cross-platform multiplayer.

See the link in the previous paragraph for details.

Once you set it up, and add your kids and their friends, they’ll be able to join each other’s games through the Xbox Live service for free (though accessing it via Nintendo Switch requires their paid online service “Nintendo Switch Online” for access).

Once everything is configured according to the details of that article, you’ll need to be able to easily share links to the relevant Xbox Live accounts.

Here’s an example:

You can just modify it by deleting “Sample%20Gamertag” and adding whatever gamertag you wish.  Be sure to replace any spaces in the gamertag with “%20” to ensure that the link is URL encoded and stays intact when pasted into emails and various messaging apps.

Asking friends to add your Xbox Live account via a link allows them to do it from any device and also coaches them to get logged in with their own account first before they can add yours – which is a great way to help them figure out what their own XBL account is since not everyone knows off the top of their head (especially when it comes to parents setting up accounts for their kids).

Skype N Scale Train Club

Over the past few months I’ve been looking for some kind of virtual model train club using Skype as a communications medium to connect modelers around the globe.  The idea is to improve productivity by discussing obstacles, planning to get past them, and sharing inspiration to get some work done on layouts that have become idle.

While there are a few groups on Facebook, these lack the real-time interaction I’m looking for.  The closest thing I’ve found is the Model Railroad Radio podcast’s Off-Show Chat (OSC) – which are usually coordinated by posting to Facebook that someone wishes to start one.

Since I’ve run quite a few persistent Skype chats over many years on a variety of topics, the idea of creating a new group chat so frequently seems perplexing and inconvenient for all involved.  I’m guessing they do it that way because group chats are limited to 300 users and they have over 2,000 followers.

To deal with this, I’m going with a more narrow focus of N Scale model railroading.  It’d be easy to create other groups if there is interest (I know I’d be interested in a similar group for HO and G scales as well).

Interested in helping to pioneer this?

Joining is easy.  Simply:

  1. Install Skype
  2. Click this link to join

A few things to note for courtesy as the group grows…

  • If you don’t want the chat to beep at you when you’re away, use the /alertsoff command (this can also be set under Conversation > Notification Settings… on the PC version 7.2)
  • If you’d like to chat, use the /golive command – don’t use the call buttons (they’d ring everyone’s phones and devices).

That’s all for now!  If you have trouble joining or have other questions, just ask me by clicking here to chat.