Battlefield 4 (Xbox One): Head tracking broken – how to fix it

I haven’t had a lot of time to play BF4 lately, but one reason to play on Xbox One as opposed to some other platform is the head tracking feature.  This feature allows a player to turn their head while driving a vehicle in order to look in directions other than the default view of what lies directly ahead.

The Kinect itself was working fine. Voice commands, gestures – all of that seemed to be working normally. It’s just that in-game head tracking wasn’t working. Voice commands seemed to work in game.

Between rounds, I did a voice search of the issue on my Windows Phone and came across two related posts – one from the Electronic Arts (EA) support website, and the other from the official Xbox forums. The most promising post on both forums was from a person that said that a “factory reset” did the trick.  Other posts explain that the factory reset described wipes the Xbox One and requires re-installation of all of the software.

I’d rather spend my time doing other things, so I looked for an alternative.  Since I can’t stand it when overkill is the most promising answer in support forums, I figured I’d post the alternative here for the benefit of the Battlefield community – since it worked for me and I didn’t have to use the nuclear option of performing a “factory reset”.

Instead of that, I did the following:

Press the Xbox logo on the front of the Xbox One for ten (10) seconds until it shuts down completely.

A Microsoft support site suggested un-plugging the power supply to the Xbox One, followed by unplugging the Kinect.  Neither of those steps were necessary in my case.

I powered on the Xbox One – if you shut it down fully you should get a green start-up screen. Then I started Battlefield 4 and went into the Test Range training map that is at the bottom of the list for multiplayer games.  When I hopped into a helicopter to test the head tracking, it was working again.

So, there you have it. It’s a pretty easy fix – and one that will hopefully become obsolete soon with upcoming software updates.  Until then, enjoy this fix instead of completely wiping and re-installing everything on your Xbox One.

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