The Return of 40° North

In college I started blogging and did so for quite a few years using Windows Live Spaces as my host. Unfortunately, Windows Live Spaces was shut down and they suggested that people move to WordPress as an alternate host.

I got part of the way through this process, but didn’t like the amount of customization available, so I made resurrection of my blog a low priority.

A few things have changed since then though, mainly my thinking on the use of social networking and who owns the content provided.  I’ve generated content for quite some time on Facebook and more recently Google+.  It’s my impression, from reading their terms of service, that they believe that they own original content created by you within their services.

So this blog will be my attempt at retaining a little control in that regard – and I can use my own Google AdSense instead of letting Facebook sell ads to view my content.

I’ll still be posting links to my posts along with snippets – so my friends on the various social networks will see the same traffic as usual where shorter posts are concerned, but for the more in-depth discussions, I’ll be posting them here.

Also, from time to time I encounter a technical issue that I feel is poorly documented on the Internet. I’ll be making note of those here as well in hopes that when I (or others) encounter the same issue in the future it will at least be a starting point for getting to the solution.

That said, it’s nice to have a home for my public thoughts again and I hope people don’t mind clicking away from their favorite social networks to read my stuff.

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